Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wedding Photos

Here are some wedding photos from July 14, 2007
Mom and Dad Howard
Family Kirkpatrick
The Boys
The boys again...
Husband, Wife, Sister
Family Bouquet Toss
Mother and Daughter
Spying on the boys out the window
The Girls Getting Ready
Garter Toss
Exchanging rings

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Husband and Wife

At long last we have finally married. After 6 1/2 years of dating and being engaged, I finally stood in front of all our family and friends and married my best friend on July 14, 2007.

For all of you who were able to come, I am so happy you could share our special day with us. I know I personally told many of you this already, but it meant so much to have each and every one of you there with us. It wouldn't have been as special or as meaninful if we weren't able to share it with our closest friends and family.

The day couldn't have gone better. From the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment we finally laid our heads down at the end of the night, everything was so special. There was only one tiny snag (when they played a dirty dancing song for the father daughter dance), but in the big picture of the day, that will only make a funny story later on. Mr. Howard's vows to me were the most amazing words and I was absolutely flored at how special and romantic the whole day was.

The wedding is only the beginning. Now we can spend our lives together as husband and wife and be able to share in the joys and blessings that that life brings us.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Your Presence Means More to Me than You Understand

I feel so lucky and blessed for the family and close friends that are joining us and my heart is overflowing with happiness, gratitude, and love. It definitely means way more to me than it would have, had all this not happened. I am forever greatful to my wonderful bridesmaids, my supportive family, Luke's fabulous family, and of course our extended friends! I truly cannot wait to spend the day with our loved ones and be able to share our incredibly special day with people who WANT to be there.

Only 11 more days!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

White Water Rafting

This past weekend we went white water rafting with a group of people and celebrated the departure of Sammy to Vanderbilt Medical School in Nasville. More pictures to come! Farewell Sammy; we'll miss you so much!!!! And you MUST come back and visit next summer to do our ANNUAL EXTRAVAGANZA WEEKEND & WHITE WATER RAFTING TRIP!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

So Disappointed

I have really tried to remain positive and have done everything in my power not to dwell on that which we cannot control. Unfortunately, I need to get some of this out. I fear that if I do not, I might not be able to enjoy our wedding day and that would only be punishment for us.

When we sent out Save The Date cards, over six months ago, we heard from a few people telling us they would not be able to come. We were sad, because we obviously want everyone to share the day with us, but completely understood!! We, however, could never have predicted an outcome like this. We have received confirmation from less than 70 people saying they will be able to come. We had predicted to have a little less than 150. Almost all my family are coming. There are a few family members who live too far away or are busy, but for the most part, my family will be there to support me. A few close family members of Mr. Howard's are coming. His mom, dad, second cousins, a cousin, an aunt, and a sister-in-law are all coming. We are so thankful for the family that will be joining us and I have so much gratitude for them!!!

I have tried to remain strong and have really tried not to let Mr. Howard see my disappointment, but I am genuinely more sad than I can even write in this blog. The night I figured out that we would only have 40% of the people that we invited, joining us it was hard to keep it together. I understand it's expensive to fly to California. I understand that people don't have vacation time or that money is tight or that they have work constraints, but this is it. This is the only thing we expect of them. This is the only time we will ever ask this of them. And I truly don't understand. We are in our 20's, our friends' are in their 20's; we all work; we all have a limited amount of vacation time; money is unbelievably tight for ALL of us and yet, we do it. Why can't they? The thing about which I have shed the most tears is Mr. Howard's only brother. He will not be joining us and for that I am so, so, so sad. Mr. Howard is the most important thing in my life and to see him devastated, breaks my heart in a way that I can't even put into words.

I am saddened at the money wasted, the tears cried, the dreams sacrificed, and most importantly, I am sad that they are going to miss a day they will never be able to get back and a decision they can never overturn.

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