Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mr. Howard's Work Accident

For those of you who don't know, Mr. Howard was injured at work fairly recently. As we've found out more and more news, I've posted it below.

May 25, 2007
Yesterday Mr. Howard had an accident with a pallet jack at work. He crushed his foot between the jack and a pillar and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Of course the first thing he said to doctor's in the ER was "It can't be broken. I'm getting married in 9 weeks and can't be in a cast!" He's doing super well today, despite a big scare yesterday and last night. The doctors are going to take it on a day-by-day basis and don't want to give a definite length of time, but right now they are saying he will be out of work for 6-8 weeks. They think that he won't be able to walk for at least that time. EEEEEK. This includes driving, which means that I'll be running the household up until the wedding. Good thing my work ends in three weeks and then I can be at his beck and call.

My mom has agreed to drive him to doctor appointments and he's just going to have to learn how to take it easy for a while. :-) Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!!!

July of 2007
Mr. Howard was out of work for 4 weeks and was on crutches and a wheelchair, depending on where we went. After the fourth week, they put him on a cane and made him go back to work on modified duty (meaning he wasn't allowed to walk at all). After the fifth week, they took him off the cane, but continued to have him on modified duty and was told to keep his walking down to a minimum. After the sixth week (this past Monday), they officially cleared him for normal work and for walking down the aisle with me. Literally six days before the big day, he has finally been cleared.

I'm so happy he'll be able to fully enjoy the honeymoon (not that it would have kept us from ALL honeymoon activities). But at least now he can participate in any and all water activities. ;-)

August 2, 2007
While we were on our honeymoon, Mr. Howard's foot got much worse. The scab that was on his foot shrank and it became a pretty open wound. He was definitely in a lot of pain and we were both worried that it was going to become necessary for him to see a doctor. Close to the end of our stay in Jamaica, Mr. Howard went to see the doctor at the resort to get some bandages. The doctor took a quick look at it and asked him if he was on antibiotics. When he confirmed this, she gave him some bandages and sent him on his way.

Once we arrived in Alabama, it became apparent that Mr. Howard needed to get immediate treatment. He went to a doctor and she first x-rayed it (apparently, some infections can get into the bone) and then examined the wound. She was worried he had a staph infection and thus prescribed him a pretty strong anti-biotic to help with staph and made him promise he would see a doctor immediately upon his return to California.

As soon as we got back into town, he went to his physician. The doctor immediately was very worried and gave him a culture to test for staph and other infections. He told Mr. Howard that he was going to make a referral for him to see a plastic surgeon and put him back on modified duty at work. He scheduled a follow-up appointment for today.

This morning when Mr. Howard went to the doctor, he had the results of the culture. The good news was that he didn't have staph. The bad news was that his infection was worse than the infection they initially diagnosed him with in May and he now has to go back onto more antibiotics. He will now be entering his 7th week of antibiotic treatments (three different kinds) and the doctor still wants him to see a specialist. Additionally, the doctor informed him that it would probably be beneficial for him to take another month off of work, but said that he didn't have that authority because he worked FOR workers comp and workers comp wants him back at work as soon as possible. He also informed him that some people are even hospitalized for an infection with that severity, but he didn't see any reason why a young man like him needed to be in a hospital.

We'll see what happens next...


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