Thursday, August 16, 2007

San Francisco

On Tuesday we headed on down to San Francisco to see a plastic surgeon/wound specialist for Mr. Howard's foot and we got fabulous news! The doctor told us that because Mr. Howard doesn't smoke and because he's young, the wound will completely heal on his own. He has specific restrictions at work and a much more distinct "wound care program" that he has to do to his foot three times a day but all that, we can handle. :-) He also told him that there was no sign of an infection (so, if he had had one, the antibiotics had kicked the sucker out) and told him to come back in three weeks. Initially, they were talking about having surgery to sew up the hole in his foot and because the hole was so big, they were saying that he was going to need to graft (spelling?) the skin. Mr. Howard was certainly not thrilled about this (there goes his fear of needles again...) and was already trying to find ways to get out of it!!

Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers!

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