Sunday, September 9, 2007

21st Birthday Celebration

This past weekend we headed down to San Francisco to meet my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend in order to truly celebrate Katelyn's 21st b-day! On Saturday we spent the day shopping and hanging out and then went back to the hotel to check in and get ready for dinner. At exactly 5:00pm we were all dressed and ready to go to a nice dinner. While waiting for two taxis for all of us, the bellhop asked us if we wanted a limo. Because it was a celebration for Katie, we decided to go for it and ended up taking a little ride. Of course we had no idea what a ride we were going for...first, the driver pulled up to the wrong restaurant and address completely. When we corrected him, he drove to the address we gave him and then realized that we had given him the wrong address to begin with. Mr. Howard called 411 while I got on my phone to look it up on the internet. After a few minutes we realized that the address was only off by a few numbers. Once we discovered our mistake, the driver drove us around the block and finally we arrived at our destination. Upon looking at the restaurant, my dad and mom realized that it WAS NOT the correct restaurant (it WAS the one they had made reservations at, but NOT the restaurant they thought it was). So...we decided to go somewhere else.

Now, picture this...there's six of us. Mr. Howard's in a suit; Katie, my mom, and I are in dresses and heels; my dad and Denny are in dress slacks and nice shirts and we're WALKING down a quite random street (in, what I would refer to as, not the nicest part of town) looking for somewhere to eat. Literally people are STARING at us as they drive past. We're not even sure if there's a restaurant within walking distance and the limo has already left us. We didn't even know if we'd be able to hail a taxi. We found this little hole in the wall sushi restaurant (teeny-tiny) and walked in (all dressed up as if we were going to Morton's Steak House). I think the restaurant may have thought we were crazy, considering it was definitely a jeans/t-shirt type of restaurant!!! But in the end, the food was great and it all worked out.

All in all, it was such a fun trip!! :-) Plus, we found a street sign with my brother's name on it.


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