Friday, November 30, 2007

If only we could speak Dog...

Because we're hosting a small birthday lunch for Mr. Howard at our house, we wanted to give ourselves a little extra time to get the house settled for the holiday season (Christmas tree bought and decorated, our lights up on the house, decorations around the house...). So, Mr. Howard and I decided to buy our Christmas tree a few weeks early this year.

On Monday we headed over to the little Christmas tree place by our house and picked out a really large (it was the largest one we could find) tree. No sooner had we trimmed it, put it into the stand, and brought it into the house when we remembered the drama, surrounding the tree, that had occurred last year. Oh yes! How we could have forgotten, is completely beyond me.

First, let me give you a little background information. Two years ago, we were a very happy little family, but something was missing. We had Harley in our lives and were superbly happy, but felt like he needed someone else to keep him company while we worked. So, we thought long and hard about where to find a new member of the family (yes, I know it sounds silly...but we don't have children, so get over it). That is when we heard about Jake. A woman that works with Mr. Howard had two dogs and 2 children, with one on the way and thus needed to give one (Jake) to a loving family. We jumped at the chance to adopt an adult dog (we had adopted Harley when he was a pup and worked SUPER hard to do all the things that go along with raising a baby dog). So, Jake entered our life. Of course, having an adult dog enter our family had perks: we didn't have to potty train him, we never had to teach him pup manners, and so much more. However, there were many things we weren't expecting!!

Last year we innocently and lovingly brought a Christmas tree into our home. We smiled to ourselves when it was all set up, excited that Christmas was finally upon us and that we could celebrate in our beautiful new home, never knowing what true drama lay ahead. While we were busy smiling at our fabulous decorating skills, Jake was seething mad. If we could have read his pup-brain, surely he was thinking, "What is this friggin tree that they have uprooted and planted firmly in our living room? Why do they decorate it with these balls that surely should be licked, chewed, and buried in the backyard? Why does no one seem concerned that there are flashing lights coming from the tree?! What on earth is this glittery blanket that they have placed around the base of it and why can't I put it in the bedroom and sleep on it? Why have mommy and daddy put this water underneath the tree - where I CLEARLY can't reach it? Despite their stupidity, I'm determined to play with the balls they've put too high up, bring the blanket into my puppy bed, and drink out of the extra water they've given me in the living room!" Seriously! It took us three weeks to get Jake comforable with the all-consuming presence of the tree in the home!

This week has been a challenge, but we're diligently trying to explain to Jake that it is not an invasion of his home, although the process would be a heck of a lot easier if we could bark.


socalcutie1759 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hahahaha! Jake is funny! So does he bark at the tree or is he just freaked out by it? Yeah well I suppose it's better then how Romper acts around a Christmas tree. He climbs the Christmas tree, as I'm sure you remember. And if that weren't bad enough he also knocks the orniments on the ground and then bats them around a bit often breaking the glass ones and unraveling the ones that have yarn on them! Crazy animals!

Kirsten Snyder said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahhh yes. I am just waiting to put up those shiny devilishly tempting glass balls on my tree for my cats amuzement. Hopefully it will be done this week. I gave up on the real trees a couple of years ago. Dang pets! Hope he doesn't go crazy on you this year too! heehee

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