Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poor Hubby

Mr. Howard has had a really rough week! He, unfortunately, had to work through ANOTHER Thanksgiving and has recently been told that he might have to work through Christmas this year. Additionally, he received no time off this weekend! As many of you are quite aware, my husband is great at what he does. He has such a positive attitude and has always loved going to work. He is one of those people who has found a job that completely defines him, motivates him, and makes him whole!

Unfortunately, the joy has been sucked dry from his job (which shall, for the purposes of this blog, remain nameless) by some individuals who aren't very kind or equitable. He is exploring other venues and has been in the throes of resume writing for a few weeks now (and when I say "he has been," I mean I've been doing all the work and he's been providing the basic details). In an ideal world, he would find a Monday-Friday job but at this point he'd settle for not having to work EVERY SINGLE weekend and time off to spend with his family on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any extra prayers and good thoughts you can throw his way would mean the world to him and, of course, to me as well.


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