Monday, June 25, 2007

The Main Event

It is hard to believe that almost three years ago we got engaged and even harder to believe that in 18 days we will finally make it official and become husband and wife. After six and a half years together, we are so looking forward to standing in front of all our family and friends to exchange our vows. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, changes between us. We have already lived together for a few years, experienced parenthood with our three pups (Roxie, who is not with us anymore, Harley, and Jake), shared a bank account, decorated a house, made significant purchases as a couple (both our cars), and shared in the joys and struggles that go along with learning to live with a significant other. Yet, still, people say it will be different. We'll have to wait and see.

As we get closer and closer to the big day, there is still so much to be done. We are getting married on July 14, 2007 at the Vizcaya (picture above) at 5:30 in the evening and while it is still 18 days away, each day seems to travel at the speed of light. We both have had trouble sleeping for the past month or so. Initially we blamed Luke's throbbing foot and the weird positions we were having to sleep in, due to the pillow-contraption we built at the end of the bed, to ensure his foot was elevated above his heart. Weeks later and countless nights minus the pillow-contraption, we continued to blame his foot. We are now convinced, it has very little to do with his foot and more to do with our growing excitement for the wedding. Hopefully, as exhaustion sets in, we will sleep more soundly; if not, we will have a very peaceful honeymoon.

A year ago when we began planning for the wedding, we predicted that we would have about 150 people. Now, as we have been collecting the RSVP's, we are greatly disappointed at how many people have declined. While some have great reasons (other weddings planned for the same day, impending births, or scheduled surgeries), many haven't provided us with reasons that satisfy our curiousity. It has definitely changed the way I will react when receiving wedding announcments in the future. Of course we want everyone we love to attend and are reasonably disapointed when we hear that they can't come. But, what we have experienced goes beyond the reasonable. We literally have received as many declines as we have acceptances, which puts us at about a 50% acceptance rate (pretty much, unheard of in the wedding world). We did everything right. We sent Save-The-Date cards out six months in advance and announced to our friends and family immediately when we booked the venue (over a year ago) and yet, still people are declining. I can only attribute it to one of two reasons: (a) the lack of understanding how important it is for us to have everyone we invited there, or (b) the distance being too great from the time that they once sent out their OWN wedding invitations. The most fascinating part about the whole thing is that our friends (you know, the poor semi-recent college and post-college graduates) are all coming. And they aren't only coming for two days (which is what I would have expected from all the folks who are declining); they are staying for 4 or 5 days each. Oh yes, the people voted "most likely to not be able to afford to come," are the ones signing up in droves...interesting. Hopefully I will have more upbeat news to report after the due date of RSVP cards. :-)

Well, that is all for now!!

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