Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Because Jen and Brett's wedding is only 188 days away, it became very apparent that it was time for us to get our bridesmaid dresses. Brett had already planned a snowboarding trip and was going to be out of town, so Jen and I planned a girls-only weekend in Hermosa Beach and combined it with a trip to the Bridal Shop to pick out dresses. Successfully, only one hour into our bridal shop extravaganza, we had picked out the dress & the color, and ordered it for everyone.
After dress shopping and a girls breakfast, we spent a few hours touring our old stomping grounds: UC Irvine. It's AMAZING how much has changed! Jen and I had so much trouble even finding the sorority house which we both had lived in. Where our old parking lot had been was homes neither Jen nor I had ever seen. It definitely made me feel old (everytime we go to UCI with my dad, he ooohs and ahhhs about all that's changed since the 70's when he went there and now I know how he feels).
We ended our fabulous girls weekend with a trip to the spa for an hour long sweedish massage!! How much better does it get than that?


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