Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And The Roller Coaster Continues

Last Saturday we put an offer on a new house (one that didn't have mello roos or homeowner association dues). It was about $10,000 more expensive than the last house - but because it didn't have any additional payments, it equaled out and ended up being about the same mortgage. Plus, it was a lot more house. It had granite countertops, custom paint, hardwood floors, a beautiful wood deck, about 300 more square feet, etc.

Yesterday we received news from our realtor that they countered our offer. They asked us to either pay half the closing costs or add an additional $1000 to our offer. We opted to add to our offer and signed an addendum to our original offer (essentially agreeing to their terms). And now we wait.

We should hear something today. But, if they accept - we'll begin the spiral again because they want a 14 day close. We started packing this past weekend because we know we're eventually going to be moving, whether it's this house or some other. And I have officially remembered why I HATE packing and moving. Being the happy neat-freak that I am, I am suddenly thrust back into the memories of having to steer clear of boxes and ignore dust (see, above, what used to be our office). I seriously hope we only have to live like this for 14 days!


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