Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are you taking the little things for granted?!?

Sorry for the unpleasant picture. But, as my wonderful husband was out meeting with the inspector today and heading over to the grocery store and finally cooking dinner, I started reminiscing about what it was like for us last May and how ungrateful (of all the little things) I had been in March of last year! I truly believe God gives us lessons and reminds us to be thankful every day!

Of course, I'm thankful I have a wonderful, committed partner who shares the household responsibilities with me...but more importantly, I'm thankful that he's healthy and whole. He is as healed as he'll ever be and I just didn't want to take for granted how blessed we both are to able-bodied and healthy. I remember thinking last Spring, "Gosh, Why did I ever take for granted that Mr. Howard could walk and help out around the house and not have to go to the doctor 2-3 times a week?" And now that we have that in perspective, I wanted to celebrate!

Did YOU ever think about how lucky you are to be able to walk, go to the grocery store by yourself, take a bath/shower in privacy, and drive? I now know how lucky we are!


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