Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 3 & 4

Painting, Doggie Door, Carpet and Dad
As the title suggests, we continued to work on painting (three days and counting). Goodbye yellow and green...hello beautiful beige! The good news is that on Day 4 we were able to rid ourselves of the ugly yellow paint in the family room, kitchen, and hallway. We only have the entertainment center wall left to do in the beige paint. Then, we have to paint the guest bedroom (the previous owners painted one wall half dark blue/half light blue, one wall red, and one wall brown and then put a green forest border at the top!!!!!) before we put new carpet in there.

We had a guy come out and give us a quote for carpet. Why on Earth is carpet so darn expensive? Now I know why they charge an arm and a leg for an apartment in Irvine - they have to buy new carpet every one-three years. That alone would account for our entire rent. Well, it has to be done...so we don't have a choice.

My dad came over and lent a hand and his expertise in cutting drywall so that we could finish the last step of the doggie door. It is all finished, by way of cutting/sawing/and measuring. We just need an extendor which will go inside the door and then we'll finish that project.

Mr. Howard has yet to start the floors or edging in the master bedroom, hallway, and master bath. Hopefully we can start that soon!


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Thanks for the updates. They are fun to read, but not quite as fun to actually do!!!

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