Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something besides the house...

While about 95% of our life right now is consumed with the house, we do still have a tiny life outside of house remodeling. :-)

We were sitting on the couch the other night, trying to eat quickly so we could finish a few projects. And we both realized that it's already May. I don't know how the last few months have FLOWN by so quickly, but summer is almost upon us. As we sat there and started to list out all the things we've got going on this summer, we couldn't believe it. We've both been avoiding thinking about it, but we made a list of all the flights we needed to book and were shocked (good thing even though we were avoiding thinking about it, we put a budget in place a long time ago for it all).

Trips we need to make to Southern California:
Jordan's Graduation
Colin's Graduation
Jen's Bridal Shower
Sara and Nate's Wedding
Jen and Brett's Wedding
Allison and Jack's Baby Shower (we're thinking ahead)

Trips I need to make to Vegas:
Sara's Bachelorette Party
Jen's Bachelorette Party

Kathe and Tim are coming to visit from Alabama this summer.

(1) We're going to France and Italy this summer with my family. We decided not to go to Norway and the others because of the economy right now. Instead we're doing 5 days in Paris, 4 in Venice, and 5 in Florence (which saves money in flights...instead we can just take trains and cars).
(2) We also need to plan a trip to Arizona. It's time to visit Grandpa and the family again!!!

Ahh to be 25. Everyone starts having babies and getting married. Perhaps thinking about remodeling the house is less overwhelming. ;-)


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