Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family of Four

Moving is always stressful on everyone and pets are no different. Harley has been through 4 moves with us (one of which was from So Cal to Northern California), but this was our first move with Jake. We weren't really sure how he would take it or what he would think (he's already a skittish/ultra sensitive pup). So, thinking ahead, we brought them along with us for short visits to the new house before we actually moved in. That way, on the day of the move they would feel like they already knew the house and wouldn't be frightened about being left there.

Things were going really well. They both acclimated instantly after the day we moved in. Of course, they wanted to pee on everything - which was not too big of a deal because we have hardwood floors. But that territorial/marking phase quickly passed (as we knew it would).

This week, however, it seems the stress has culminated. Jake started doing this wheezing thing and has now started throwing up in his wheezing fits. Harley is just super skittish in the mornings when Mr. Howard leaves for work and I'm still in bed. I know this too shall pass and they'll be fine, but it's just a reminder that dogs feel stress just like humans and it's just more proof that they're little members of our family.


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