Saturday, May 10, 2008

Front Yard Clean Up Project

All morning we've been working on Project Yard Clean-up. Our poor neighbors have politely ignored the state of our yard and we, too, have turned our eyes when passing by. As our inside projects have lately bored us, we woke up this morning and thought, "Let's get started on the front." So, off to Lowes we went to buy wood chips and a hose to get started.

The rest of the morning was spent pulling weeds, picking up left-over slate from the walkway, and getting everything ready to lay the fresh wood chips.

We are now on our lunch break, trying to muster the stamina to go back out into the heat. Luckily as each neighbor drives up the street or walks down the street with their kids, they offer encouragement and praise. In fact, one neighbor even offered us a wheelbarrow and several others offered up their yard waste trashcans (since we filled ours within the first half hour). It is this, and this only, that is keeping us motivated on our path to do our part to beautify the neighborhood. :-)
Hopefully by the end of the day we'll have "after" photos to post. Although, with how our lunch break is going, it's looking like we might only have "during" photos to post at the end of the day.


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