Saturday, May 10, 2008

Project Clean-up Yard Complete...well...

We spent over six hours putting our hearts into Project Yard Clean-up and our hard work has paid off. One neighbor already came over to tell us how wonderful it looks. He also gave us some good ideas on what to do with the pond we've left for a later date.

Surprisingly, we got most of the yard done. We now only have two small projects to finish: (1) the pond needs to be filled in and we need to plant something in it and (2) we have a square to the left of the front yard that is currently dirt. We drove around the neighborhood trying to get ideas for that square and we decided on putting bushes in it. We just need to go to Lowes and pick some out. Unfortunately we have run out of daylight, so it'll have to be a project for another day.
In our clean-up efforts, we discovered we have three mini rose bushes (we think there was a fourth that died). We also discovered that a plant has been stolen from our yard (we knew this because there was an unexplained HUGE hole in the dirt). We joked to each other that a plant thief had come and ripped us off. Of course, our hilarious theory was confirmed by a neighbor who told us she remembers seeing a beautiful plant and wondered where it went. So, Lincoln neighbors, be forewarned: a plant thief is on the loose!!!


Christina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Peter and I have been doing some yard work as well. I was surprised to see how fun and rewarding it is! How your plant thief stays away, lol.

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