Friday, June 13, 2008

Lucky, Lucky Us

Mr. Howard's parents, Kathe & Tim, are out visiting with us from Alabama. They arrived on Thursday and will be here for two weeks (with a brief trip to Seattle to visit Luke's brother and sister-in-law).
Thankfully we have been blessed with family who are so willing to help and the Howard's are no different. While Tim is here, he is helping us with a few projects:

(1) Install New Ceiling Fan (below):(2) Help us repair the drywall in our master bedroom after we rip out the brick
Seen below is the RANDOM brick glued to our wall in our master bedroom:
(3) Tile our laundry room and guest bathroom!
Our old linoleum (below):
Our brand new masterfully installed tile (below) in the guest bathroom:

Today we already got SOOO much done (and when I say "we," I mean Tim and my hubby). First we installed our new ceiling fan (stay tuned for after photos). Second, we ripped out the linoleum. Third, we installed all the tile (sans grout) in the bathroom (stay tuned for after photos). Fourth, we fixed the hardwood floors near the bathroom and re-did the edging. Fifth we began ripping out some of the bricks. Finally, we mortared the brick onto our outside brick posts (a few weeks ago we had ripped out a wood barrier that was on our front patio, which left four big holes in the brick post).

I can't believe how hard everyone worked!!!!! What would we do without wonderfully, supportive, helpful family!!!!


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Lucky, Lucky You!

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