Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch with Susan, Diana, and Sophia

I was finally able to catch up with my friends for a quick lunch (in between traveling, in-law visits, and remodel projects). When Diana went on maternity leave in April, Susan and I missed all our afterschool visits and couldn't wait for her to come back in the fall. Then when Susan took a leave of absence from school to take care of William, I REALLY missed the two of them.

Now as things begin to get a tiny bit more normal for Diana and Susan, we were able to finally catch up. Everytime we hang out, I'm more convinced how lucky I am to have friends like them. :-) And, of course, an added bonus was that I got to visit with little Sophia (see picture above of her with her mommy). I cannot believe how quickly she's growing up.

Susan and Sophia (below):


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