Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Flag, New Trellis

We finally replaced the flag holder that was on the front of our house, just in time for Fourth of July. I'm excited because I've always wanted flags for different occasions (Spring, Mother's Day, Halloween, etc.) and now I'll have a place to hang them. It was a simple thing to install and didn't cost us a lot of money, but made a HUGE difference in the way the house looked. It definitely made the yard look more finished.

Additionally, Kathe, Tim, and I installed lattice on the trellis we already had in the front yard. I tried to find a before picture, but we did it too fast (which is a good thing). I took two pictures to kind of show you where it is. The first picture shows the lattice from the driveway, looking towards the front door.

Looking from the driveway (below):
Looking from the steps, towards the garage (below):

It's so nice to be getting things done, I'm starting to feel like it's really all coming together!


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