Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bon Giorno From Florence, Italy

The trip from Paris to Florence was a little crazy, to say the least. First our train was delayed by over three hours (we were supposed to leave at 7 and didn't leave until 10pm), which meant that we were supposed to arrive at 7 in the morning an didn't arrive until 10am. We also had four people (Colin, Leslie, Mr. Howard, and I) in a six person train. At first we thought it would only be us, but alas two others boarded and it was quite uncomfortable.

Once we arrived, we all rushed to take showers and eat and our trip in Florence has been much more enjoyable than it started out. We have done so much, it's hard to list it all.

We are sitting in an internet cafe right now and don't have much time, so we must go. We just didn't want you to think we fell off the face of the Earth or got eaten up by the Italian mafia. :-) We probably will not have internet access for the remainder of our trip and will blog when we get home!

The Howards


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I have always wanted to go to Venice

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