Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Florence, Italy

Below: Our overnight train ride to Florence - Lesli, Colin, and the Howards
Below: Our apartment in Florence
Below: Mom, Dad, and Mr. Howard - watching a man play the violin
Below: The Howards - View of Florence
Below: Lesli and Katie weren't dressed in long pants and short sleeved shirts, so they made them wear these ensembles to go into the church!
Below: The family at the outdoor food market in Florence
Below: Snuggling husband and wife
Below: Dinner with the Family
Below: Waiting to get into the Palace
Below: The Howards on the Ponte Vecchio
Below: Mom and Dad at Dinner
Below: One night in Florence, my parents took us out for a black-tie dinner at an amazing restaurant. It was one of two opportunities for us all to get dressed up in suits and dresses!


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