Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

Mr. Howard and I had planned a low key 4th of July, complete with work, scrapbooking, dinner at my parents, fireworks in our hometown, and a relatively early night (so Mr. Howard could be up early this morning). But what started as normal, ended as a little crazy.

In the morning Mr. Howard headed off to work and I spent the day scrapbooking (FINALLY working on my honeymoon scrapbook). At about 2:30 he came home and we showered and got ready for my parents. When we arrived at my parents house, we all hung out for a little bit and then got up to start dinner. My mom was making scalloped potatoes and asked my dad to slice them on a mandoline slicer. We were all joking around and laughing, when all of a sudden my dad screamed and walked out of the room. My mom informed us that he had probably cut himself on the mandoline. Minutes later my dad reappeared confirming mom's story and they decided he would need to go to Emergency. Mr. Howard and I sat in the waiting room (where a man forcefully informed us that if we were going to sit there we would need to wear a "visitor's badge" - which still does not make sense to me) and they took my dad back in triage to see a nurse and later a doctor. Just as my parents suspected, he needed stitches (10, we think - my dad, being the scardy cat that he is, refused to look) and a tetanus shot.

Of course, I'm beginning to see a pattern. The Kirkpatricks have a thing for Emergency Rooms on all major holidays (Mom at Christmas, Dad at 4th of July). Next holiday, come visit us at Sutter Emergency. :-)

We were able to see fireworks at the end of the night and we both agreed, upon leaving, that they were the absolute best local fireworks show we'd ever seen. However, next year we plan on getting there early, so we can sit in the park instead of standing in the middle of the parking lot.


LittleDreamer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think your dad should think about staying AWAY from sharp objects. This isn't the first time he's cut his hand!!

(yes, ER's/hospitals are VERY picky about the badges. Having been there twice in the past year with both parents, I'm learning the ropes.)

Amy W. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wow, seriously bad luck on the holidays! I started reading, and double-checked the date, thinking i WAS reading about your mom at christmas at first....! awful...I hope he's ok!!
visitor badge?! sheesh........

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