Monday, July 14, 2008

The Paper Anniversary: First Anniversary

We're in Paris right now and I didn't know if we'd have internet access - so I future dated this entry (oh yes... the power of the blogging world)!

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary, my love! In honor of the "paper anniversary," here is a very corny (but isn't that the stuff that makes anniversaries so romantic?), and very heartfelt poem.

It’s Our First Wedding Anniversary!

We've been together since high school,
and now married for an entire year!
To celebrate our first milestone,
Here are some of the reasons, for you I cheer!

First of all, you are gorgeous,
but you are not just a pretty face.
The real qualities that make me love you,
live inside of you, in some private place.

Hardworking, inspirational, courageous,
spontaneous and creative are you.
You are determined, confident and loving,
honest, romantic and funny, too!

You’re are fixing up our brand new house
with a committed sense of pride.
You love playing with our Harley and Jake,
and enjoy a good bike ride.

Working on cars, buying cars,
or just looking at ‘em you love to do.
The sound of a finely tuned motor,
is music to your ears, it is true!

You have an uncanny ability
to make me laugh like no one else can.
I am safe and secure ‘cause you look after me.
You are a very special man!

In Paris, on the first anniversary
of our blessed wedding day,
I still love you times infinity to the infinite power,
and will always love you that way!

With My Never-ending Love,
July 14, 2008


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love you both,

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