Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watch Out Martha Stewart

Crafty I may not be, but boy do I have a green thumb! Well, sorta. Ever since buying a home, I've been attempting gardening. I invested in a few books, borrowed some from friends and family, and took full advantage of my mother-in-law's fabulous gardening skills when she came out to visit. I labored extensively this summer, spending a lot of time and energy on three Crape Myrtles (one in the front and two in the back). When summer came and all the crape myrtles on the block began to bloom, I longingly looked at my own, praying that they too would flower. But they did not. The picture below is of the crape myrtle in the backyard that hadn't bloomed.
So, I invested in some crape myrtle fertilizer, cut all the leaves back (did you know crape myrtles like new growth?), and began also fertilizing it weekly with used coffee grinds (did you know they work as a fertilizer?). When Mr. Howard and I got back from Europe I raced out first thing in the morning to discover this:

I'm telling you...Martha better watch out! I'm going to be a triple threat: gardener, scrapbooker, home remodeler, and of course I have her beat on the fabulous wife front. :-)


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