Saturday, July 12, 2008

We arrived safely and soundly, but very tired

We traveled, as you may remember from our itinerary, for a VERY long time. It is 8:30pm in the evening here (1:00pm in California) and we have not slept since 5am Saturday. We are all very tired and have had trouble truly soaking in Paris.

Of course it didn't help that we got off the plane and COULD NOT figure out how to get to the A Line (which is what we needed to take in order to get to our apartment). It took four very wonderfully helpful men attempting to assist mom and katie, four different trips to an automated ticket machine, and one trip to a ticket counter. Once we did figure it out, we still had seven people troupsing through the middle of Paris (near the Champs-Elysees - pictured above) with our 12 million suitcases (looking mighty silly).
Tomorrow we will start at the Louvre and hopefully will be able to catch a little bit of the beginning of the Bastille Day celebration (on July 14th).

Stay tuned!!
The Howards


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