Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When did that happen?!?

Well it has been two weeks (and a day) since I had facial surgery. I wish I could say I had something fun done, like a nose job or lip injection, but alas I had a cyst removed. I actually hadn't planned to have it done so quickly. But when I went in for my consoltation, the doctor went ahead and prepped me for surgery. Hours later, after he had completed the surgery, I realized that I would have seven bright blue stitches in my face for Jen's Bridal Shower. Aside from the fact that I couldn't shower for 24 hours and was not allowed to wear makeup (anwhere near the stitches) for two weeks, it actually was a pretty simple process and I am definitely happy to have it gone from my face!!!

I tried to find a photo of the stiches, but the picture above was the best I could do (I obviously was doing everything in my power to NOT have them show; it never even occured to me I might want to have a photo that actually showed them). They were on the left side of my face, right below my smile line. You can BARELY see them, but at least it gives you an idea. This picture was taken from the baseball game we went to with my parents (since Mr. Howard's family was in town, I never had time to blog about it). The picture below is of my parents being silly at the game.


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