Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Katie, I feel so blessed to have a sister like you and feel even more blessed to have a friend like you!!! I love you!!!! Happy 22nd Birthday! You're an old woman like me, now! :-)
Katie, happy birthday, little sis. It's your second birthday as my little sister. I hope it's a great one. Love you!
All our Love,
The Howards

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Wedding Rehearsal

This past weekend, we went down to Southern California for my best friend's wedding. I will post pictures of the wedding itself (when I get some), but until then - here are some pictures from the rehearsal!

Normally I put the pictures in order, but coming off a VERY LONG first week of school, I have no energy. The pictures below are in almost an opposite dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner - "Ginormous" Meat Ball
The Bride and Her Dad Walking Down the Aisle
The Wedding Party (below):
The Girls (below):
Jen and Brett, we love you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Baby Shower

Despite the fact that Allison was put on bed-rest a little over a week ago, she happily escaped from the house to gather with friends for her baby shower! Mr. Howard and I had the opportunity to drive out so that I could hang out with her for her shower, while the boys were able to get in a game of golf. As an added bonus, I spent the afternoon with Sara, catching up with her on all that has happened in the last year (wedding, first year of law school, and soo much more). It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday and it gave us an opportunity to spend more time with out friends than we normally get!! Unfortunately, however, upon leaving I realized I did not take a SINGLE did that happen?!?

Allison and Jack, we love you!

What a busy week

It seems as though it's been forever since last we talked!!

My summer officially ended last Monday with the beginning of the school year. It was an incredibly busy week, as we started on Monday and had kids and parents sitting in our classroom by Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I was in Southern California, while my kids had a substitute on the second and third day of school. I got back to school this morning to find my classroom in disarray and spent every free moment attempting to clean up and re-organize my classroom.

Wish me luck as I enter a new year, in a new grade, in a new district, with new students!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I finally finished our Honeymoon Scrapbook this summer (better late than never)!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Bachelorette Party Weekend

I happily turned over my 25th birthday this year to Jen, who is getting married in 9 days!!! As my husband mentioned, we went to Vegas to celebrate her Bachelorette Party in style.

We arrived by caravan on Friday to Mandalay Bay. After getting ready, we kicked off the weekend at Mon Ami Gabi for dinner and then The Bank for drinks and dancing.
On Saturday, we got up early and went to the Cabanas at the Venus Pools at Caesar's, where we were quite surprised to find that it was European Style Bathing (meaning topless). Of course, we learned a few things: (a) Not all people should go topless (b) No one is comfortable trying to sneak photos with strange men (c) "dry" means without bacon, cheese, tomato, or lettuce. After the pools, we headed over to the stores in Caesar's and then back to our hotel to get ready. In the evening, we went to Koi for dinner and Prive for drinks and dancing.

On Sunday, we packed up the car, headed to Starbucks and set off on our long journey home. Of course a journey home, wouldn't be complete without In-n-out and the Coach Outlets.I was on a plane and home to my hubby by 9pm Sunday evening!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome Howard Pups

After my in-law's dogs passed away, they felt like their home was missing something. They debated whether or not to bring in a new family member, but knew it would make it difficult for them to travel and leave for short weekends. After a few years, they have finally decided to adopt a new pup to join their family. They think they will be adopting the puppy that is mostly white in the video below.

Welcome to the family Howard Puppy!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Beautiful Wife Is 25!

Today is my beautiful wife's 25th birthday! I am very sad though as she is on a plane heading to Southern California. The lucky girl gets to go to Las Vegas! I know she will have a great time but wish that I was able to spend the day with her. Happy Birthday, my love. I already miss you and you have only been gone an hour! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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