Monday, September 29, 2008

One Room Down, Only Four More to Go

Aparently my camera willingly entered the same world as Kira's hat (a world that neither Kira, nor I can find). My mom, being the kind-hearted, loving mother that she is, graciously offered us her camera to use. So, I was finally able to take a photo of our finished guest bedroom.

In preparation for Timmy and Amee's visit several weeks ago, we finally purchased new bedding to match the curtains and paint in our guest bedroom. We can now rest easy as we have FINALLY completed one whole room in our house.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Horrible Tragedy

Alright, I'm being a little dramatic....But I feel like it's a horrible tragedy.

We have lost our camera! We spent yesterday searching high and low for the camera and cannot figure out where it went. We know we had it when we uploaded the photos from Monterey, but it seems to have gotten up and walked away!
I wanted to post photos of the guest bedroom, as we FINALLY got curtains and a comforter to finish the room off.
Stay tuned for more information about the missing camera!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Date Night

Are you sick of our nauseating talks of romantic weekends and how lucky we are? Well, you probably shouldn't read this next blog either!

Last night, my lovely husband surprised me with a plan to take me to a dinner and movie. My mom even let us take the convertable, because the weather was so amazing!

After a delicious Italian dinner we went to see My Best Friend's Girl, which was pretty funny. It was a treat for us to go to the movies, as it is rare we both have a weekend evening free that isn't filled with birthday dinners, dates with friends, or work for Mr. Howard. After dinner, we drove home with the top down looking at the gorgeous stars and moon! The night was absolutely magical! He even held all the doors open for me! Of course, after he spent the evening wooing me, I reminded him that I'm a sure thing.

I Love You, sweetheart!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Even if for only a tiny bit

The other Howards (Timmy and Amee) came to visit us on Wednesday. While the visit was VERY short, it was so nice to be able to show them our town, where we work, and of course, our new house. We were even able to put Timmy to work and had him fix our sprinkler system (it's been broken for months).

Timmy and Amee, thank you for stopping by! Now it's our turn to plan a visit up to Washington to see Port Townsend. Although, now that you have practiced the drive for us and determined it is, in fact, a 13 hour drive, we might fly instead. :-)

Love you and Miss you!
The Other Howards

Sunday, September 14, 2008

And a Few Videos

The First Video is of The Howards driving to dinner in Monterey!

The Second Video is of the jellyfish in one of the exhibits. I don't know why we could get such amazing quality, but it's such a cool video!!!

A Weekend in Monterey

On the one weekend Mr. Howard had off from work, I had an all-day training to attend at the Yolo Basin on Saturday. As bummed as we were, we tried to plan something really special for Sunday (to make up for it). As I've mentioned in previous blogs, we've been trying to see all sorts of new places in Northern California. We've already done little trips to Chico, San Francisco, and Tahoe. So, after searching for the perfect place to spend our Saturday, we settled on Monterey. We decided to spend the whole day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and quickly bought tickets for a special Behind the Scenes Tour. As the weekend got closer, we decided to fly by the seat of our pants, throw caution to the wind, and drive up to Monterey on Saturday night, giving us a whole extra evening there.

It turned into such a romantic, fun weekend trip and we couldn't have wished for a more perfect way to spend a Saturday and Sunday!
On Monterey Beach Saturday at Sunset (below):
Dinner at Willy's Smokehouse (below):
Monterey Exhibit (below):
Look at the Fish Above Him (Below):
Touchng the starfish and Crabs (below):
Lunch (look at that view below):
On our Behind the Scenes Tour with our lovely headphones (below):
The First Kelp Forest Exhibit in the World (below):
I am so lucky to not only be afforded the ability to do and see things that make me so happy, but also to have a husband who I adore and LOVE spending time with. What a lucky girl I am!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

At Long Last

Here are some photos from Jen and Brett's Wedding on August 16th, as Promised!!! The day was absolutely beautiful and now I have the photos to prove it. :-)

Husband and Wife (below):
Matron of Honor and Best Man (below):
Classic Bridesmaids (below):
Bride & Matron of Honor (below):
Bridesmaids (below):
Matron of Honor and Best Man Speeches (below):
My Toast (below):
Toast Laughs (below):
Recession (below):
The Beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Jaffe (below):

Jen, what an honor it was to stand beside you on your special day! I'm so blessed to have a friend like you in my life and was so happy I could be there for you, a little over a year after you stood by me for my day. I love you!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ode To Mosquitos and All Things that Bite

Dear Mosquitos,

As much as I appreciate all that you do for the earth, including pollinating the Orchids I love so much, I wish that you would simply go away! I would rather we have no orchids on Earth than have to deal with you on a regular basis. When I went backpacking in Canada and had to be taken to the emergency room because of your bites, I apologized. I had invaded your territory and had attracted you with my "sweet" skin. I should not have entered your camping, wilderness world and have since learned my lesson.

On Wedesday, however, I was minding my own business. I was simply gardening with my husband, only 10 feet away from the door of our house and you had no business being there. We do not have orchids for you to polinate, nor do we have any free-standing water for you to lay your babies. It is for this reason that I am asking you to leave. Please go find someone else who would appreciate your presence, because we do not.

On Friday, after speaking to an advice nurse at Kaiser, I cursed you. I cursed you because I had to leave work early. I cursed you because you required me to get a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and steroids. I cursed you because I was in pain. I cursed you because you choose the one person to attack that is also allergic to anti-histamines. And mostly, I cursed you because you attacked my body, and made my ankles, hip, face, and arms swell up into incredibly unattractive red sores.

So, this is my final plea. Please, LET ME BE!!!

Mrs. Howard

Monday, September 1, 2008


Our dear friends Allison and Jack have finally had their beautiful daughter Madison Grace. She came into the world several weeks early, but mommy and daddy couldn't have been more happy to welcome her into the world. It seemed like just yesterday they told us that they were expecting. Where did the last six months go?

Allison and Jack, we miss you and can't wait to meet Madison ouselves in person!!!


I have been wanting an endless summer hydrangea in my front yard ever since I had them in our wedding centerpieces. Last Spring when we were doing our front yard remodel, we went to look at them, but weren't sure they would bloom in the spot we had available for them. So when Kathe came out, we took full advantage of her plant knowledge and she assured us that it would be able to grow there. Unfortunately, because of how much we spent on all our summer remodel projects and all of our summer travel, we weren't able to buy it right away.

Finally, last weekend, we decided that since we were planning on spending the money to go to the State Fair anyway, we might as well skip the fair (we'll have plenty more opportunities to go) and instead buy a few beautiful blue hydrangea plants. Alas, after going to 4 different nurseries, we were only able to find one plant that would work (they were either white or dead). We bought the one that we could find and I happily planted it (in the 109 degree afternoon weather).

The next morning as I was leaving for work, I eagerly looked at my beautiful blue hydrangea plant...and much to my dismay, noticed that it was dying! When I returned home from work, again I eagerly looked at the plant. "I'm sure this morning, it was just going through a bit of a shock," I thought. But once again, I noticed that the plant was definitely dying. Now I am in "Project Hydrangea Rivival" Mode and am currently doing all I can to revive my beautiful plant. After some research and a phone call with Kathe, we have decided to cut back the branches to see if they will sprout new growth and have adjusted the sprinklers for a longer cycle. If anyone has any other advice to help us on our revival quest, we would be forever indebted.

The frightening part is that the photo you're about to see, actually makes the hydrangea look better than it has the last few days. Parts of the plant are actually coming up out of the ground, as opposed to lying flat on the surface (like they were a few days ago).

My heart will break if I am unable to keep the darn thing alive. How is it that the plant I HATE in the front, I can't get to DIE and this one I can't keep alive?!?

Busy Sunday

We both had the day off yesterday and decided to put it to good use. We spent the morning going around to another 4 million places trying to find a coffee table. We probably have invested over 8 hours attempting to find the perfect table for our new house. As we went from place to place, hoping and praying something would jump out at us, we decided to go to this consignment store near our house. We found the perfect table at the perfect price and finally ended our CityWide Coffee Table Search.

After coming down from our shopping high, we finally decided to finish painting our guest bathroom. Initially when we painted it, we ran out of paint and weren't able to finish the tiny room with the toilet and shower. So, off we went to Home Depot and bought the paint we needed to finish.

It was kind of hard to take a picture, because the bathroom is so tiny. I've included two so you can see the paint, towels, picture, and curtain. We're going to pick out a new curtain eventually.

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