Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Date Night

Are you sick of our nauseating talks of romantic weekends and how lucky we are? Well, you probably shouldn't read this next blog either!

Last night, my lovely husband surprised me with a plan to take me to a dinner and movie. My mom even let us take the convertable, because the weather was so amazing!

After a delicious Italian dinner we went to see My Best Friend's Girl, which was pretty funny. It was a treat for us to go to the movies, as it is rare we both have a weekend evening free that isn't filled with birthday dinners, dates with friends, or work for Mr. Howard. After dinner, we drove home with the top down looking at the gorgeous stars and moon! The night was absolutely magical! He even held all the doors open for me! Of course, after he spent the evening wooing me, I reminded him that I'm a sure thing.

I Love You, sweetheart!


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How freeking cute can you be? Seriously!

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