Monday, September 1, 2008


I have been wanting an endless summer hydrangea in my front yard ever since I had them in our wedding centerpieces. Last Spring when we were doing our front yard remodel, we went to look at them, but weren't sure they would bloom in the spot we had available for them. So when Kathe came out, we took full advantage of her plant knowledge and she assured us that it would be able to grow there. Unfortunately, because of how much we spent on all our summer remodel projects and all of our summer travel, we weren't able to buy it right away.

Finally, last weekend, we decided that since we were planning on spending the money to go to the State Fair anyway, we might as well skip the fair (we'll have plenty more opportunities to go) and instead buy a few beautiful blue hydrangea plants. Alas, after going to 4 different nurseries, we were only able to find one plant that would work (they were either white or dead). We bought the one that we could find and I happily planted it (in the 109 degree afternoon weather).

The next morning as I was leaving for work, I eagerly looked at my beautiful blue hydrangea plant...and much to my dismay, noticed that it was dying! When I returned home from work, again I eagerly looked at the plant. "I'm sure this morning, it was just going through a bit of a shock," I thought. But once again, I noticed that the plant was definitely dying. Now I am in "Project Hydrangea Rivival" Mode and am currently doing all I can to revive my beautiful plant. After some research and a phone call with Kathe, we have decided to cut back the branches to see if they will sprout new growth and have adjusted the sprinklers for a longer cycle. If anyone has any other advice to help us on our revival quest, we would be forever indebted.

The frightening part is that the photo you're about to see, actually makes the hydrangea look better than it has the last few days. Parts of the plant are actually coming up out of the ground, as opposed to lying flat on the surface (like they were a few days ago).

My heart will break if I am unable to keep the darn thing alive. How is it that the plant I HATE in the front, I can't get to DIE and this one I can't keep alive?!?


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