Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snoopy's Escape Mission

This morning while we were watching the Saturday Night Live we had tivo'd from the night before, we heard our dogs going crazy in the backyard. We rushed to the window to find that our neighbors' dogs head was peeking underneath the hole in the fence they had clearly dug. We called our dogs in, locked them inside and watched as the dogs next door created a system for coming in our yard. One dog would dig, dig, dig and then step back, while the other dog squeezed his body under the hole. When he couldn't fit, he'd step back and let the other dog dig, dig, dig until at last, he squeezed his whole body underneath and came bounding into our yard.
While we enjoyed our visit with Snoopy (see the picture of him above), we realized that in his Escape Mission, he broke our fence. To be clear, the fence was falling down already. Each wind storm, we crossed our fingers and said a little prayer that it would stay up for just one more weekend until we could repair it.

So, Mr. Howard and the neighbor Wes went to work first tearing down and then repairing the fence. When Mr. Howard realized that he would need reinforcement, we called my dad and they worked diligently to repair the posts and put them into the ground with concrete. We are now waiting for the concrete to dry and are unsure when we'll actually be able to nail up the planks to complete the project.

What a busy day!!!!

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