Thursday, November 27, 2008

What We Are Thankful For

Last year, I started a tradition of blogging about what we are most thankful for. This year has been a whirlwind year for us and we have been so blessed. Here are just a few of the things we're thankful for this year.

Our Relationship
Our Family

Our Ability to Spend Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Graduations, Bachelorette Parties, Births, and Birthdays with our Friends & Family

Our Health
Our Work
Our New Home
Our Ability to Travel

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

I'm sorry that I have disappeared lately. I promise that when I am feeling a little better, I will return to the blogging world and share anything missed! I'm leaving you with a picture of a display Mr. Howard built for his store. He bought those white tubes, decorated them with red ribbon, and jerry-rigged them so that they could stand independently. The display earned him a visit from a district, corporate manager and a lot of "wow's" from me!

In the absence of my blogging, I love you and miss you all. Jen, Nanny is in my prayers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

When I Should Have Been Doing Report Cards

This past weekend we traveled to Los Angeles for Jen's birthday. Leaving late Friday night, we arrived just in time for a weekend away from home, to visit friends and take a little escape from our lives. I actually have never missed a birthday of Jen's (ever), so it seemed only natural that we plan a trip out and combine it with a visit of Madison Grace (see photo to left).

For her actual birthday celebration on Saturday night we went on a murder mystery dinner cruise off the coast of Long Beach, which was incredibly fun. The birthday girl even solved the who-dunnit.

The Girls on The Boat
On Sunday morning, the boys and I made a big pancake breakfast which was yummy!
Then in the evening we were finally able to visit with Allison and Jack and their new little blessing, Madison!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sushi and Madagascar 2

After the luncheon, the boys joined my sister and I for a dinner at Mikuni and a movie. We had also planned on going bowling, but we were all a little tired. So we decided we'd have to save bowling for another night. We went and saw Madagascar 2, which was such a cute movie. Unfortunately, my sister and I both fell asleep for part of the movie - Can you tell we're sisters? :-) At Mikuni's I asked a woman to take a picture of the four of us, but she did a really horrible job and seeing as though Mr. Howard and Denny were mortified at having to pose for a picture in a restaurant, I let it go! What is with boys and posing for pictures?!?

Author's Luncheon

Every year, my mom, sister, and I attend the author's luncheon, benefiting the National Kidney Foundation. This year, I had an opportunity to meet several author's, but the one I was most excited about was John Grogan who wrote Marley and Me. I'm usually a little shy to have authors sign the books that we buy or receive, but this year I had John sign a book for my class Bad Dog, Marley. As always, it's such a fun event and we get to visit with my mom's friends Cathy and Claudia. Below are a few pictures from the event!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted. Did You?

We did our civic duty today and both voted. I voted at 7:00am this morning, right when the polls opened and Mr. Howard voted right after work at 4:30.

Of course my fourth graders wanted to know all day who I voted for (don't worry, I would NEVER tell them), but the fact that they understand what a historic vote this is, is phenomenal! And someday, when we have kids we'll be able to say, "I remember when we voted in that election!"

And now we sit and wait!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary

For our one year anniversary, Mr. Howard got us a Couple's Massage and we FINALLY were able to book it and go this past Sunday! It was his first massage ever and while he was a little nervous (I don't blame him, it's a little weird to be wearing nothing in a room with someone massaging you), he thoroughly enjoyed it!! They even did the hot stones on our back, which felt amazing! It was a bonding experience and we both agreed that perhaps we should make it an annual tradition. Now it's finally official: we have been married for a year. :-)

Leave it to Beaver Type of Neighborhood

I am constantly in awe of the neighborhood that I live in and this weekend was no exception. On Sunday, our neighbor came over and told us that he had tried to knock on our door Saturday several times. He had noticed that our rain gutter near our garage was backed up and he wanted to help us, because it was leaking tons of rain water into our garage.

Because he couldn't get hold of us, he simply got out his ladder, headed over to our house, and CLEANED our rain gutters FOR US!!! Can you believe it? Seriously, how lucky are we to live in a place where our neighbors clean our rain gutters while we're gone!?! Of course, we also got up there and cleaned out the rest of them!

Can someone please tell my dear husband that someday he will be happy that I want to document everything in photos and that someday he'll look back and think, "I'm so happy my lovely wife took all those photos of me, because it's so nice to look back and remember. And wow, I look YOUNG!" :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

We spent our first Halloween at our new house, passing out candy to the kids in our neighborhood. We bought 10-15 bags of candy, anticipating a large number of children. It was beyond any expectation we could have ever had. By 7:30pm, we already had about 75 kids. By about 8:00pm, we had close to 200 kids and realized we were going to completely run out of candy. I quickly went for a candy run at the grocery store (buying another 10 bags) and came home to find that Mr. Howard only had ONE piece of candy left.

Our neighbors told us that families drive to our neighborhood for the trick-or-treating and explained that every year more and more families come! It was so nice to meet all our neighbors and their kids and we both had soooo much fun!!! We can't wait to take our own kids trick-or-treating some day soon.
Ellie (Mom and Dad Howard's puppy) in her costume:

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