Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Re-Cap

This year we had some firsts for a Christmas morning:

First #1: Mr. Howard had Christmas day off (the WHOLE ENTIRE day).
First #2: We had Christmas with grandpa, Debbie, Nathan, and Erin via the worldwide web (we both had webcams set up to watch each other).
First #3: It was the first time anyone has ever been pregnant at Christmas. First #4: This was the first year since we've had Jake that he did not join us for Christmas morning celebrations (we drove him home X-mas eve, at 2am, because he could not handle the cat). Does anyone have Ceasar Millan's phone number????
And of course, we had some old favorites too:
As always, it was a wonderful holiday, filled with lots of yummy food, laughs, and good times with family. And as an added bonus, Jordan and Ashley joined us for the Lakers game.
Katie and Colin:

What a difference a week can make

Yesterday I went to school to meet Susan, Diana, and Sophia for a Christmas catch-up session and while I was there, I picked up my camera cord. :-) As I promised in this blog I have uploaded the new pictures of the last room remodel. You can visit the link above to recall what it looked like before.
First we painted the top half of the room a very light green:
Next we put up the wainscotting:
Then worked on the trim:
Then put the floorboards and bottom trim up:
And finally painted the wainscoting:
And now we have a beautiful light green room with gorgeous white wainscoting:

We have one more wall of wainscoting to paint and then we'll need to work on curtains and wall decorations!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Lot Late

I can't believe I didn't post this on Christmas! OOOPS!!
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa!!!
We love and miss our friends near and far!
All our love,
The Howards

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Room Continued

Because of my present condition, I have not been able to paint with my wonderful husband. So, he has taken it upon himself to dedicate hours in the nursery all by himself, painting and hammering away. We have finished the painting, although we now need to go back with white paint and paint the ceiling, door frames, and door (because the last owners decided to let their two year old paint the room - or so it looks - and got paint EVERYWHERE). Mr. Howard has also finished the wainscoting on almost two walls and only has a third. Once he finishes that, we'll be able to caulk it, paint it white, and finish the floor boards and top trim. We just so want to get all the basics done in there, so that it can sit and wait for someone to fill it.

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful Mr. Howard is? How much he takes care of me? I sit on the couch attempting to keep my food down, while he works his butt off. I can barely get off the couch in the evenings to go in there and ooh and aww over his hard work and he never complains. It would be hard for me to be sweating away while he sat on the couch watching movies, and yet he never complains. I love you, sweetheart!

(P.S. We took pictures to upload on this post, but realized that we left my cord, to upload the pictures, at work. I promise to upload them soon.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working on the Last Room of The House

We've been working on our final room in the house. There are lots of little touch-up's to do on the rest of the house, but we've been dreading getting in the last room because it was such a mess. When Tim and Kathe came out in June, Tim helped us add a closet overhang and add texture to the walls in that room. So, the time finally came for us to get started.

Before I talk about what we did this weekend, let's take a look at all that we've done so far.

This is how the room looked when we moved in:
My dad helped us knock out the entire wooden structure right when we moved in:
When we ripped out the wooden loft, we noticed that the previous owners had wrecked the closet overhang:
Tim helped us drywall a new closet overhang:
He taped it off and textured the walls:

So that is how the room sat for months and months...until this weekend. This weekend, we picked out and purchased new paint, purchased everything we needed for the wainscoting, borrowed my dad's compressor, ripped out all the baseboards, taped off the ceiling, and painted. Mr. Howard had the entire room painted by about 5pm yesterday. Today I'm going to muster the strength to head to Lowes again for more paint (so Mr. Howard can do touch-ups tonight).

Almost Christmas - Can you Believe It?

I promise in a few weeks to get back to my normal posting schedule. While I am feeling a little better, I am still quite sick. When given the choice between writing on the blog or getting extra sleep and rest, I am having trouble choosing to blog.

Today, however, I mustered the strength to post about Christmas. :-) This is our first Christmas at our new house and we have so enjoyed decorating. This year, for the first time ever, we were able to put our Christmas tree in the living room in front of our front window (see picture). As we drive up, we can actually see it from the street!
We also put icicle lights up on the house, candy-cane lights lining the walkway, a wreath on the front of the house, and decorations filling the house. :-)

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