Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Re-Cap

This year we had some firsts for a Christmas morning:

First #1: Mr. Howard had Christmas day off (the WHOLE ENTIRE day).
First #2: We had Christmas with grandpa, Debbie, Nathan, and Erin via the worldwide web (we both had webcams set up to watch each other).
First #3: It was the first time anyone has ever been pregnant at Christmas. First #4: This was the first year since we've had Jake that he did not join us for Christmas morning celebrations (we drove him home X-mas eve, at 2am, because he could not handle the cat). Does anyone have Ceasar Millan's phone number????
And of course, we had some old favorites too:
As always, it was a wonderful holiday, filled with lots of yummy food, laughs, and good times with family. And as an added bonus, Jordan and Ashley joined us for the Lakers game.
Katie and Colin:

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