Sunday, January 11, 2009

12 Week Doctor's Appointment

On Wednesday, January 7th, we had our 12 week appointment (although I was 13 weeks). We both had hoped to have an ultrasound, given that at our last one the nurse had trouble finding the heartbeat. But our midwife assured us that if anything was wrong, she would follow up with an ultrasound.

She told us that it might take a second to find the heartbeat and that we shouldn't worry if she had to move around the fetal doppler for a little while to find it. But the minute she put it on my belly, we could instantly hear the quick beating in the room. It was very cute because the midwife, instantly turned to Mr. Howard and said "That's your baby!" with a big smile on her face. We would hear it beat, beat, beat and then hear a litle "whhhhiiiippp" sound. Our midwife explained that that was the baby moving or flipping around. It was beating at around 160 bpm.

We left without any disappointment and can't wait for our February, 20-week ultrasound!! The picture above is of what our lil one looks like at 13 weeks. :-)


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