Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pregnancy Journal

Because we knew we didn't want to tell people until at least 10 weeks, we thought this would be the best way to track the pregnancy: a secret journal that will go live on January 1, 2009.

November 10, 2008 (Almost 5 Weeks)
We just found out tonight that we're going to be parents and could not be more excited to meet our little one!!!!! This has been a long time coming and now we're just going to revel in all the excitement!

November 18, 2008 (5 Weeks, 6 Days)
This was our first doctor's appointment and we were able to see our little one on the ultra-sound today and are overjoyed!!! Hurry up and bake safely in my belly and come join our family!

November 24, 2008 (6 Weeks, 6 Days)
Morning sickness has officially hit big time and I am constantly in shock of how something the size of a blueberry could wreak such havock on my tummy...not that I'm complaining! I am so sensitive to smells now, that Mr. Howard is having to eat his meals in the other room, so as not to make me get sick. Food is difficult to keep down, but I'm just focusing on eating things right when they sound good. I tend to be able to keep down yogurt, crackers, water, and bagels - but sometimes those won't stay down either.

November 25, 2008 (7 Weeks)
We got to see our little one's heart beat on the ultrasound for the very first time!!! This was my first outing in 4 days. The doctor prescribed me something for the morning sickness, took me off the prenatal vitamin, and had me start taking B6. We got to take home 3 ultrasound photos to share with family!

November 29, 2008 (7 Weeks, 4 days)
We took our Christmas photo today! I'm not showing yet, so it was a perfect opportunity to do our first belly photo. We decided we're going to announce our pregnancy in our Christmas card.

December 2, 2008 (8 Weeks)
With the prescription medicine, I still feel nauseaus when I'm sitting or not doing anything, but it allows me to get through the entire day at work without getting sick. I still get nauseaus at night and if I don't eat frequently, but I'm able to get out of bed and walk around (a HUGE accomplishment). I'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night, having to use the restroom. A friend jokingly told me that I'll learn the location of every restroom within a 50 mile radius of the house and work. I can see why! Our baby is the size of a rasberry now!

December 6, 2008 (8 Weeks, 4 days)
We received a gift from our dear friends Allison and Jack, who just had their precious little one in August. I spent the entire evening reading Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. There was a lot I didn't know would happen, but mostly it just felt fantastic to hear a woman tell stories about similar things I've experienced. The pregnancy books say, "you might experience nausea in the beginning months," but Jenny McCarthy talks about feeling plastered to her bed, while fighting the urge to get sick from sun-up to sun-down. She talks about how the term "morning sickness" must have been invented by a man who hoped that by limiting the term to "morning" that it would also, in fact, limit the ability of women to complain past breakfast. :-) It made me feel a sense of comraderie and relief that I couldn't get from any pregnancy book or website!

December 7, 2008 (8 Weeks, 5 days)
I officially do not fit into my normal jeans and pants. I own a few pairs of pants that are one size bigger (ladies, you know you all have these). I have officially had to switch to those few pair of pants that I own. Mr. Howard and I also made a trip over to target to get some black velour pants that have a draw string and one pair of elastic-waisted pants. Of course, I'm thrilled to be making this step, but also feel a little worried - when do most people start to grow out of their pants? I have to keep reminding myself that my clothes were always snug.

December 17, 2008 (10 Weeks)
It's nice to finally have our secret out. It's been so hard not to tell people something that is obviously such big news. I'm not complaining about the morning sickness, because this is all worth it. However, in a few years, when I start to get the itch for more little ones, will someone please remind me that experiencing this once was enough?! And will someone also remind me that morning sickness does not end in the morning?

December 24, 2008 (11 Weeks)
In our Christmas cards we announced our pregnancy and we are so overjoyed to have everything out in the open. We couldn't be more excited and it's so wonderful to be able to share that with the world. I also can't believe that in one more week I'll be in my second trimester! My, how the last 6 weeks have flown by!! I am also hoping that as I enter the second trimester I will put all the morning, afternoon, dusk, evening, night sickness in the past and be able to smile, eat, and laugh with my family and friends!!

December 30, 2008 (12 Weeks)
Our little one is the size of a lime today!!! My morning sickness is still going strong. Unfortunately, I spent today, New Years Eve, getting sick. But both Mr. Howard and I have such a strong support system that keeps us staying positive. The ending of this week marks the beginning of the second trimester, which has us all exhaling a little bit. January 7th is our big 13 week ultrasound and we're hoping that with that, Mr. Howard and I will finally be able to feel like we can shout our excitement from the rooftops. Tomorrow is the first day of 2009 and the beginning of the year that we'll have our precious little joy with us!


LittleDreamer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Congratulations to you again! I am overjoyed for both of you. :-)

(and, hope you start feeling better Jackie.)

Katie Taylo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!! I am so excited for you guys, and of course for myself. I can't believe I will be an aunt this summer! I am so excited! I love you guys sooo much!

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