Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Apple Hill

Mr. Howard had the entire weekend off and in order to celebrate, we drove up to Apple Hill. Yes, I'm sure you Northern California folk are asking yourselves, "Why on earth did they go to Apple Hill in the winter? Don't they know there are no apple orchards open?" So to answer your questions, we went to Apple Hill for apple pie and yes we knew that most of the orchards would be closed. We had actually never been before and wanted to take a little preview trip before we bring a little one up there with us next fall. Anyone who knows me even a little bit will not be surprised to find out that I am the eternal planner. In fact, we previewed a firework show this past Fourth of July simply because we (let's be honest, I) wanted to know if it would be a good show to bring a future little one to (and if you do the math, which I'm sure you all are doing - it's true: we were not even pregnant at the time).

Don't you love the picture of the Apple Hill sign? My lovely husband dodged traffic and ran across the street to appease his pregnant hormonal wife who ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT leave without at least one picture! :-)

Below is a picture of the delicious pie we brought back.


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