Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Day at Babies"r"us

Mr. Howard and I spent the day today at babiesrus registering and were thoroughly overwhelmed. Starting with the first item on the list (bottles) seemed to take us fifteen minutes. We discussed all the things we never had talked about before: do we want glass bottles or plastic? Do we want a sterilizer and therefore a bottle and sterilizer kit? Do we want a bottle warmer (if so, you need different bottles)? Do we want colic preventing bottles? Do we want the bottles that have the curved nipple? Seriously, I consider myself a baby/toddler expert (having worked as a nanny for several years and worked at a pre-school) and I felt like I had never seen a baby before in my life. We spent over 3 hours roaming the store, adding things to our list (Mr. Howard armed with a scan gun), debating our future child's every need. When did things also get so expensive? Bottles are no longer just bottles, they are the keys to colic prevention. Strollers are no longer strollers, they are 12 piece systems that you sign over your life to own. :-) Alright, I'm being slightly dramatic, but seriously!

Allison and Jack have weighed in and given us some guidance on the stroller/car seat debate. So has Michelle. Any other moms out there, we need help! Do we get the infant stroller/car seat combo (which also converts to a toddler stroller) and then have to later buy a toddler car seat and even later a booster seat? Or do we buy the strollers that don't come with the infant carrier and a car seat that goes from infant to toddler in one? The other thing I need help with is cloth diapers. I'm about 99% sure I'm going to use them, does anyone have any experience in this arena?


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The "A Hybrid Home, LLC" in me says yeah for cloth diapers- the "I have too much to do, so I am not dealing with that mess" tells me No. I have heard that the amount of wash/bleach, etc. you need to care for cloth diapers is not really eco-friendly anyways. You might want to go for chlorine free and brodegradable diapers or similar but as an insert instead of whole diaper.
As far as carseats go, Firefighter Steve who had 40 hours of carseat training (you thought 3 hours over bottles was bad) says that pretty much all car seats are the same. The ones that have the carrier seem conveniant. HOWEVER, there was a study that came out a couple of years ago that tested car seats at 35 mph, instead of 30 mph, and only a few carseats tested well under the "pressure" of the added 5 mph. (They recalled the test results due to the "extreme speed"). So, I bought the Titan, which is inexpensive, converts from infant to toddler, and tested the best in that test. I used a baby sling (you soooo need to get one of those!) and I would drop little sleeping Jack in his sling bed on the bench in the restaurant, or seat in church, etc. It worked fine.
As far as the other junk goes- you might just want to try a couple things out before you sign up for one certain thing. There might be only one nipple your kid likes- and it could be the "collic inducing" one, or he/she might not want a warm bottle??
Jack screamed everytime I changed him for the first few days until I realized he hated the cold wipes, so I ran out to get a wipes warmer- you never know what they will or will not want.

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Here's info I got from a friend Sabrina about cloth diapers: "my absolute favorite is Cloth diapers are soooooo easy. washing is so not a pain. the first year is simple. breastfeed poo just rinses away. i bought a diaper sprayer once Sicily started on solids (at about 1 year) it helps a lot. is coming out with an AWESOME ... Read Morenewborn diaper in June. I'd buy x24 or so to get me through a day plus while they're washing. the rumparoox One Size will start to fit well around 10/12 weeks. my entire stash is them & I can't rave them enough. call me if you want to talk about them :D or any other stuff

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