Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Living Room At Last

Mr. Howard and I agree on a lot when it comes to decorating the house. Well, I mainly just agree with most of what he says to avoid a battle. :-) But when it came time to pick out a color for our living room to replace the horrendous red (that was badly painted with splotches all over the wall) and gold windowsills (see photo), we could not agree. We could not agree so much, in fact, that we ended up painting it TWICE. Oh yes, you heard correctly: we painted the living room one color and then a second color. It took all of Sunday and every evening since for us to paint it (shhh don't tell the pregnancy police that I was painting). But finally we have a color we agree on and MUCH, MUCH more of a living room that fits us!

Below: Our red walls and GOLD windowsills:
Below: A better look at the wall
Below: A Close up of the gold paint
Below: As Promised - A picture of my gorgeous husband:
Below: Try #1 - This paint color only lasted for about an hour. See the test of a new color on the right:
Below: TaDa!!! A beautiful brown wall with WHITE windowsills:


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I love the color of wall, good job.

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