Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Favorite Things

Pregnancy has mostly been wonderful - absolutely wonderful. It is difficult to explain what feeling your baby inside you is like, but I will never forget it - ever. It's absolutely crazy to be walking to your car and have the baby's head or foot move to a position where you have to actually stop and readjust or keep walking with an enormous amount of pressure in a particular place. I'm finally getting to the point where I can specifically feel the baby move. It is no longer just a, "Wow! There's a kick!" type of feeling anymore; it's a "Ooh! Baby's readjusting...rolling, stretching" type of defined motion, in addition to the actual kicks.

The other thing I have absolutely loved about being pregnant is bathtime. Almost everynight I hop into the bath (warm...not hot), play music, light candles, shut my eyes, touch my belly, and just imagine what being a mommy is going to be like. I know that's a little personal to admit to the world in such a public place, but some day when Baby Howard is old enough, I would love to show him/her this blog. I don't want to forget my favorite moments of being pregnant, because before I know it we'll have a newborn and time will pass and I won't remember what it was like or how happy I was.

Harley and Jake are also starting to sense that something is going on. They want to be on my belly more (maybe they can sense the heat). Perhaps it could be the fact that Mr. Howard is singing to my belly that's clueing them in that there's SOMETHING in there.


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