Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Job (beware: long post)

I have been lackadaisical in posting about my current job situation for a few reasons: (1) It stresses me out to think about it. (2) I didn't want to make any pre-mature posts. (3) Did I mention it stresses me out? But now it has become the blog secret that seems to be keeping me up at night (see this post). I was reading in my pregnancy book how some sleepless nights can be prevented by journaling about whatever is bothering here I go!

About a month ago, my principal came to me to tell me that he had been informed I was on a lay-off list and that I would, in fact, be receiving a pink slip (a teacher's version of a layoff) come March 15th. Initially I was overwhelmed, but very composed. I called Mr. Howard and told him, while discussing options about childcare next year, employment options, mortgage payment, etc. I calmly got off the phone with him and silently dialed my mom's number. As soon as she said hello, I fell apart. I cried hysterically while outlining to her what I had been told and what could happen. I felt better after getting off the phone with her. And that was it...for a while.

About a week passed and I was feeling emotionally distressed and overwhelmed, having since realized that my delivery (with my current benefits provider) might not be covered and that I would have to switch to Mr. Howard's benefits (thereby meaning that I would be switching in my 9th month of pregnancy to a completely different provider and labor and delivery facility). I came home and found an email from my mother-in-law about a company that might be interested in hiring me or at least keeping my resume on file. I was excited, but the reality that I would need to start thinking about employment hit me. I sent my resume off and received notice almost immediately that they were hiring and were interested in speaking with me.

After an initial phone interview, the HR director explained that I would be a good fit and wanted to set me up with a second phone interview (with the woman I would actually be working underneath). They set that up for Friday. I came home a little deterred, thinking that it wasn't the right job for me, as it sounded more like a customer service job (rather than an educator's type job). It was so overwhelming to think about a career switch. I got home and told Mr. Howard I didn't think it was right for me to take the job, but that I'd make a list of questions and interview anyway. He, in his stressed state, told me that I might never find a job in this economy and that I shouldn't let any opportunities pass me by - to which I responded by hysterically and uncontrollably sobbing for an hour (please keep in mind I was over 20 weeks pregnant). In the meantime with all that stress going on, I got sick.

Friday came and I had my second interview. It went great! I felt like I had a good connection with the woman interviewing me, I felt I gave good solid answers, and I felt like this might be the job for me!! I was thrilled, but sat there debating about what I should do in terms of telling them I was pregnant. The moment came and I asked the interviewer how flexible the start date was and went on to explain I was expecting. It was at that point the interview fell apart. She said that she was JUST ABOUT to ask me how firm I was in starting in June, because they were looking to hire in April (super suspicious in my opinion). Well, needless to say, that job went right out the window.

So here we are today. I have officially received my pink slip. I have also unofficially heard that our district will be opting to put 24 students in each primary classroom (up from 20), meaning that each school will lose a few teachers and that 75 curriculum support/instructional assistant positions will be eliminated (thereby pushing out an additional 75 teachers). I will know more come May 15th (when I have to receive a final notice about my status of employment for next year), but it isn't looking promising at all.

The unfortunate thing is that no districts are hiring. So in terms of getting a different teaching position, my chances are slim to none. I have looked at a career switch, but most companies are laying people off. So many people keep telling me (in trying to be helpful), well this is the perfect time! Now you can be a stay at home mommy! Of course, if we could have afforded that, we would have already done that!!! This will not allow me to be a SAHM. In fact, this might make it worse. I might have to take 2 jobs to be able to afford our house, cars, baby, etc.

And not that I'm trying to be boo-hooing for myself, but I am also in a unique predicament BECAUSE of my pregnancy. What company is going to want to hire a 9 month pregnant lady??!! I am sure that the reaction I got from the first company I applied to, is not going to be the last time I am given that response.

So, I am writing this for two reasons: (1) catharsis...getting it off my chest so that I can devote more time to growing a human and less time on stressing about that which I cannot control and (2) prayers and good thoughts. I am a firm believer in that the more people that are praying and thinking of you, the better chance you have for survival. So, please, please think good thoughts for me and all the teachers in California (there are 28,000 of us) and do what you can to help make education in CA a priority.


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I'm thinking really good thoughts for you!

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