Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now that's a "Good Morning"

In our Early Pregnancy Class, our instructor told us how important it was for us to talk to the baby. While I obviously can't get up close and personal to my belly to have heartfelt conversations, I've always "talked" to my baby inside. When we got home, I asked Mr. Howard to talk to Baby H. We both felt a little silly (he's been singing to my belly for some weeks, but it seems a little different to be having a conversation to a stomach). Nonetheless, we decided we wanted to do it.

Ever since Wednesday he's been having conversations in the morning and at night with my belly...telling Baby H. how much we can't wait to meet him/her, etc. This morning during his "good morning, little one" conversation, the baby kicked. Now, one might think it was coincidence, but I do not. It was almost as soon as he reached down, put his hand on my belly, and said "hello" that the little one gave me such a strong kick that Mr. Howard instantly pulled his hand back and went, "Wow!" I am positive that the baby was moving in response to the noise. What a wonderful memory!! I just had to share!


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I love when that happens with Josh and I. It is so great. Mason has been talking to the baby this time, too. He tells her little stories of his tiny teddy and tells me how he is going to teach her how to draw a bunny and dig dirt with his shovel. He also plans to teach her how to pull weeds. The important spring time tasks. Enjoy the conversations and music. I listened to The Weepies a lot when I was pregnant with Mason and I could tell he recognized it when he was out in this big ol' world. Enjoy!

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