Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading: A Luxury I Probably Won't Have Come July!

A friend, Diana, gave me a book called The Happiest Baby on the Block with the disclaimer that she knows I've had a ton of experience with babies, but that the book might be which I emphatically replied that I do not think you can ever know TOO MUCH about how to calm a crying baby. :-)

I'm on chapter 5 already (after only 3 bath reading sessions) and I've learned so much already. It's all about how to calm a crying baby, but not just necessarily a baby that cries once in a while - but colicky babies that cry for several hours for no apparent reason. Here's what I've learned so far:

There are 5 ways to calm a crying baby and they are called the 5 s's:
1. Swaddle tight
2. lay baby on side or stomach
3. Shh loudly or use white noise
4. Swing vigorously
5. Suck on pacifier/nipple

For all you moms out there, I'm sure you're thinking, "well, duh!" But the book gives very, very specific directions for how to accomplish the 5 s's and effectively stop a crying baby 100% of the time!!! I completely recommend it!


starlu25 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

isn't there a video on this too? i remember my brother showing me the 5 s's when he had his little one and doing the swaddling...she turned out to be a very happy, well adjusted child ha so i guess it works!

love that you are documenting your pregnancy, it's such a special time. i am totally taking notes for myself in the future, thanks for sharing!
big hugs,

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