Monday, May 25, 2009

Sundial Bridge Roadtrip

After 5 long years, Mr. Howard finally sold his truck! Although he has thoroughly enjoyed having a lifted truck and has put sooooo much into it, it was time for a change. The gas alone was killing us and 6 months ago when gas prices went up, we both wondered how we'd ever afford keeping it. Unfortunately, at that time when he tried to sell it, it was only worth about $6,000 less than we sold it for a week ago. Selling his truck allowed us, not only to save money in gas prices and car payments, but also allowed him to buy a dream car: A 2009 Mini Cooper!!

Because he was itching to put some miles on the car to take it for a drive and because we have made it a mission to do as many day and weekend trips around Northern California as we can (see Monterey, Chico, Tahoe, Apple Hill, and San Francisco), we decided to go up to Redding to see the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Exploration Park. We left in the morning, visited the bridge and park, stopped for lunch on the way home, and then saw the movie Night at the Museum 2 before making our road trip complete!
Our New Mini (taken with the iPhone)
Mr. Howard on the bridge (Sacramento River below):
Sundial Bridge in Redding:
Mrs. Howard on the Bridge
View from one side of the bridge

Thursday, May 21, 2009

32 Week Doctor Highlights:

  • There really is nothing I can do about the swelling I've been experiencing (well, I can put my feet above my heart all day - hahahah!! Oh yes - the teacher with her feet in the air - can you imagine the kids going home and telling their parents that?)
  • I'm measuring at 32.5 (even though according to Kaiser I'm only 31 weeks - hmmmm who do YOU think is right?)
  • My contractions are normal (about 45 minutes apart randomly, not increasing in frequency or strength)
  • Baby's heartbeat is between 140-150 bmp
  • No signs of Preeclamsia (yay! I was worried because of the swelling)
  • Blood Pressure really good
  • Slightly anemic (each time they tell me this, I nod and tell them AGAIN that I have been for years)
  • Glucose levels really low (good)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

About a Week Behind

This picture is from about a week ago. Yesterday at Mr. Howard's work, a woman told me that I "wasn't even that big yet!" Excuse me? She had never met me before I was pregnant, so perhaps she didn't have a comparison. But can you think this belly isn't even that big? Really? Really? Give me a darn break! It's 100 degrees, I can't see my feet, I'm exhausted, I can't bend to tie my shoes anymore, I

have to sleep in a sitting position because my heartburn is so bad now, I'm swollen, I'm completely out of breath just doing normal everyday things (like blowing my nose), and I'm ready to meet my little one...

How much bigger does she think I'm going to get? And how is that supposed to be encouraging?

Well, so much for keeping this blog pregnancy rant-free. Baby, I love you. I really do! -But I'd love you a lot more if you come a week or two before your due date. Let's make a deal: I will buy you a car on your 16th birthday if you do NOT make me go past my due date! I wonder if studies have ever been done about the effectiveness of bribing a fetus?!?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nursery - Completed!

What better day to blog about the nursery completion, than Mother's Day?!! Because it's such a tiny room, it's a little difficult to take pictures, but you get the point! All we had left to do was the border. It really made the room come together. Of course, Mr. Howard now likes to refer to Wallpaper as Divorce Paper (have you ever tried to hang it with someone you love? It's VERY stressful?)

Without the border (below): With the border (below):
A Wider View of the Border (below):

NOTE TO SELF: Next time when hanging wallpaper, outsource!

Living Room Finished

Perhaps some day we'll add something else to the living room, but for NOW, it is FINALLY finished!!! The last thing on our To-Do List was to add curtains and after weeks and months of agonizing color and style choices, we have finally decided on ones we both love!

A Trip Down Memory Lane:
When we moved in (below):
The Ugly Red Wall (below):
A Beautiful Tan Wall, Plus Curtain Rod, No Curtains (below):
Ahhh Completion (below):

Everything we did to the living room:

  • Painted All Walls
  • Installed Ceiling Fan and Light
  • Painted Window Sills
  • Painted Fireplace
  • Bought New Area Rug
  • Bought New Coffee Table
  • Installed Custom Curtain Rods
  • Picked out and Hung Curtains

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Lil Cabbage!

I just added a pregnancy ticker to the right of the page. By clicking on the text, you can see how many days I've already been pregnant (211 days), how long I have left (69 days), and how many weeks I am (30 Weeks, 1 Day). Where did the time go?

Here's the info from Baby Center: Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like the head of a cabbage). Judging by how much weight I have gained, I kinda secretly hoped for like a 15 pound baby!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Before Jen and Brett arrived and I came home from work on Friday afternoon, here is how the boys spent their time: Downloading Applications for their iPhones!

Swing For Baby

Debbie, Nathan, and Erin so generously gave us a swing for Baby Howard and we got it all set up on Sunday morning. Harley took the first ride in it. Aren't we lucky to have a pup who will put up with our shenanigans?!?

A Lightsaber War

Mr. Howard, Jack, Casey, and Brett all downloaded iPhone Aps that allowed them to have a lightsaber war with their might be asking yourself, "How old are they again?" Us Wives were asking ourselves the same question! :-) Doesn't Baby Madison sound excited in the background??

A Visit From Friends

In honor of my baby shower weekend, we hosted our dear friends Allison, Jack, Madison, Jen, Brett, and Casey to stay with us for the weekend! We had such an amazing visit and couldn't ask for better friends! We love you!

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