Thursday, May 21, 2009

32 Week Doctor Highlights:

  • There really is nothing I can do about the swelling I've been experiencing (well, I can put my feet above my heart all day - hahahah!! Oh yes - the teacher with her feet in the air - can you imagine the kids going home and telling their parents that?)
  • I'm measuring at 32.5 (even though according to Kaiser I'm only 31 weeks - hmmmm who do YOU think is right?)
  • My contractions are normal (about 45 minutes apart randomly, not increasing in frequency or strength)
  • Baby's heartbeat is between 140-150 bmp
  • No signs of Preeclamsia (yay! I was worried because of the swelling)
  • Blood Pressure really good
  • Slightly anemic (each time they tell me this, I nod and tell them AGAIN that I have been for years)
  • Glucose levels really low (good)


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