Sunday, May 17, 2009

About a Week Behind

This picture is from about a week ago. Yesterday at Mr. Howard's work, a woman told me that I "wasn't even that big yet!" Excuse me? She had never met me before I was pregnant, so perhaps she didn't have a comparison. But can you think this belly isn't even that big? Really? Really? Give me a darn break! It's 100 degrees, I can't see my feet, I'm exhausted, I can't bend to tie my shoes anymore, I

have to sleep in a sitting position because my heartburn is so bad now, I'm swollen, I'm completely out of breath just doing normal everyday things (like blowing my nose), and I'm ready to meet my little one...

How much bigger does she think I'm going to get? And how is that supposed to be encouraging?

Well, so much for keeping this blog pregnancy rant-free. Baby, I love you. I really do! -But I'd love you a lot more if you come a week or two before your due date. Let's make a deal: I will buy you a car on your 16th birthday if you do NOT make me go past my due date! I wonder if studies have ever been done about the effectiveness of bribing a fetus?!?


Jen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahhhh, so good to hear that others hear such annoying comments. I absolutely can't stand the "you aren't even that big", "you're barely showing" blah, blah, blah.. I always just smile and laugh it off thinking, "Why don't you grab a 30 pound bag of whatever and haul it around while having it move around unexpectedly jabbing you in the sides, ribs, wherever and see if it matters if you "look pregnant" or not." I think they say it thinking it is somehow flattering, but I think it is just irritating. I mean what do you even say back to that?

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