Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under the Weather

*Enjoy the picture of Jake after being caught DIGGING in the backyard. :-)

I have taken a little hiatus from the world this week and retreated to bed for a while. The few weeks after getting out of work, I ran around like a crazy person doing all sorts of things and completely burnt myself out. So, this weekend and week, I took a break and got in bed, literally.

Sleep had become incredibly difficult with all the contractions and cramping waking me up several times an hour, which left me feeling like a bit of a walking zombie. I promise to return phone calls and emails tomorrow and be back to my normal self.

I had a doctor's appointment today and she explained to me that some women simply experience contractions for a lot longer than others and that it looks like this is just how it's going to be for the next few weeks. She didn't do an internal exam, so I have no idea if I've progressed. The appointment went well: my blood pressure is a little high - but it is supposed to go up in late pregnancy, I measured at 36 cm, baby's heartbeat was in the 150's, baby's head is down (yay no breech baby), birth plan is on file, received a letter for maternity leave, tested negative for GBS (Group B Strep Infection) - which they apparently did while I was in the hospital last week, and was assured that IF I have Dr. Jerk again I can request another doctor.


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Oh my Gosh, Look at Jake's nose covered in dirt!

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