Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diapers Galore!!

Before having a baby, I had done some research about different things that I was interested in trying. One big thing I wanted to know about before we brought a little one into the world was cloth diapering. My friend Diana had done a diaper service and another friend, Sabrina, had talked very highly of cloth diapering and it piqued my interest. So, when we got pregnant, I instantly started my research: what kind to choose, how many I'd need, how I would need to clean them, etc. My closest friends and family were super supportive of this choice, but a lot of our acquaintances tossed out their skepticism. I have heard more times than I care to recall, "Well, it's easy to say that you want to cloth diaper now, but wait till you have to do all that laundry..." Obviously these people don't know me very well (because cleaning is never a deterrent in my life). As a side note, I have also quite sadly heard this about a lot of choices I've made (e.g. breastfeeding: "well it's noble that you want to try, but it's so painful.")

We knew that bringing home a newborn would be stressful enough and I was a little worried about adding cloth diapering into the mix, so we decided to use disposables for a short time in the beginning. Surprisingly that time has come and now gone (can you believe Connor is already over a week old?!).

Our wonderful friend Susan ordered us a diaper service for Connor's first month and today was the first day we started! I thought that our day wouldn't be complete without a photo of him in his new adorable diapers (thanks Diana for the diaper cover)!!!


The Schult Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So glad they fit...and that he looks so handsome in them! Hooray for cloth diapers and awesome parents, like you two! :)...D

Courtney H said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

those are super cute, what a great color!! We cloth diapered Megan and we washed them at home. I even learned to make liners and inserts (for the pocket dipes, which were my faves!) I had found a lot of amazing diaper covers on eBay. A lot of SAHM moms make their living selling the diapers they if you need covers, check it out!!

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