Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waited 9 Long Months For This

I know this is an incredibly unflattering photo of myself, but it ranks up there with my favorite birth/hospital photos because of the moment it captures!!! This was taken on Connor's birthday, July 7th!

The day that Connor evacuated his swimming pool, my darling husband went across the street to get me SUSHI and I CHOWED DOWN!!!! Since then, I've had sushi a few times and we're planning on going out for a nice sushi dinner on our anniversary in a few days. Poor Mr. Howard!

**As a disclaimer, I would like to mention the controversery with eating sushi while breastfeeding. Before having Connor, I did a ton of research about this issue and the conclusion I came to (because the medical advice is conflicting) is that in America we are far too obsessed with lists of things we can/cannot do. In Japan, sushi is a regular staple in a breastfeeding mother's diet and we have no specific evidence that it can harm a baby in any way. **


Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You EAT that sushi, Jackie! You deserve it! Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy boy! :)

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