Monday, August 17, 2009


Upon arriving in Monterey, we first stopped at a garage to meet my parents. My dad lead us down the stairs, where he showed us his new (well new to him) 1957 Lincoln Mark II. Afterwards, we walked to the Old Fisherman's Wharf where we ate lunch.

We finally got a family picture from our trip
After lunch, we made the mile walk to Cannery Row where we oohed and ahhed at the view, strolled the main promenade, and shopped.

That evening, Connor made his very first trip to a five star dining experience: The Sardine Factory. We all got dressed up (well, everyone, except baby Howard - they don't make suits for infants - I checked) and headed to the restaurant.

We dined in the Captains Room (hence the walls behind us):
For our appetizer, we had fried artichoke rings, Dungeness crab & prawn cocktail, calamari puffs. For dinner Mr. Howard and I both ordered meals - which we split with each other! I had the 1/2 Lobster Tail & Petite Fillet Mignon and Mr. Howard had the No. 1 Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna, Coriander Crusted which was seared rare with citrus aioli, wakame & soba noodle salad and sweet soy dipping sauce. MMMMMMMMM. We all ordered cocktails and a delicious wine (they won the Best Wine List in America award). Thanks Mom and Dad for taking Connor to his first fancy dinner! :-)


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