Monday, August 17, 2009

Moro Bay

After a relaxing, sleep-filled night (Connor slept through the whole night), we woke up and headed to a delicious Saturday morning buffet! We got on the road and began our beautiful drive down the coast.

We couldn't leave without one last photo in San Francisco (look my hair isn't blowing away):
We stopped at one of the biggest lighthouses in America, which was built in 1872: The Pigeon Point Light Station
Afterwards, we continued down the coast to the beautiful Moro Bay:
We couldn't pass up some photo opportunities on the coast:

What made the drive so much more fun was the fact that we were in the Mini. We could coast along the 1 Freeway engaging in what Mr. Howard and his fellow mini owners call: Mini Motoring.
After "motoring" for 2 hours, we made our way to Monterey!


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